The one that got away. This shark ate a 3 ft king a quarter of a mile off bathing beach. Don Whitehead

Andy Rubini & Fred Jackson Caught these Trolling on
Andy's Boat. 41" & 42" Nice Day.


3 largest of the 23 cod caught by Ken Jones and Derek LaBatch


Tony and I were fishing in Barnegat Bay (Double Creek Channel), catching fluke, and my line takes off like a big bluefish grabbed my killie, and it splashed about 100' from the boat, so we figured it must be a big bluefish, but as I worked it to the boat, we saw it was an Atlantic Houndfish, a bit over 4 pounds. They are pretty rare in this area, and Tony says they are very good to eat, so I will be bringing some down to our family vacation in LBI, to try it out in August.


Fish Hawks Last Fishing Trip June 2014



Karl's "small mouth" Bass up on Lake George this week.



Marilyn Dahl Showing up the Better Half again!!!!


On Friday 7/11 (tournament Day), Me and my Grandson  Dale (12), caught two Fluke over 5lbs (5.1 & 5.6lbs). Both fish caught 100' apart  in the Bay. Tony


Ladies fluke tournament Sat. "Team DahlFin"

L to R, Lori Chowanic, Kara Dahl, Marilyn Dahl, and Cousin Kate Stevens


Dale's 1st Trigger Fish, Tony



Doug Itjen with his 38lb Tuna. Fishing out 40 miles last Saturday.




2014 Banquet




Matt said "Fishing for me has been pretty bad. I did get one nice one. 23 lbs 7 oz"