1- 100% of all monthly receipts will be awarded to contest winners.

You must enter the contest by submitting this form and paying the entrance fee of $2.00 per fish. Phone-ins are no longer accepted , (Hard Copy Only). Example: $20.00 is received for a specific fish i.e. Bluefish, 3 blues were caught and entered (weighed in). The total money in this category is $20.00. 1st place 50% or $10.00, 2nd place 30% or $6.00, 3rd place 20% or $4.00.


 NOW If only one fish is weighed in, ALL the money collected (100%) goes to the 1st place fish. If there is only a 1st and 2nd place fish entered, the split is 60-40.


 2- Each month our Chairpersons of the Fishing Contest, Jeff & Judy Harrop, will inform the club members of the winners for the monthly contest and tournament days. 


 3- Bonus Money. For the 9 contest months (April-December), an additional $25.00 (cash) bonus will be awarded each month to a 1st place winner of any species of fish entered in the monthly contest for that month.  An eligible 1st place fish entered in the monthly contest will be drawn at our monthly meeting and the winner will receive an additional $25.00 (cash).  All 1st place fish that have an entry in for the monthly contest for that month will have a chance to win. NOTE:  All fish species listed on the front side of this form and are entered in the monthly contest for that month are eligible for a chance to win the $25 cash bonus.




4 – Added; Special Tournament Days

All club organized Fishing Trips held on a Head Boat for club Members will be considered a TOURNAMENT DAY. Only members who participate in these club trips will be eligible for Tournament Day Payouts. There are 7 species eligible for tournament day payouts, as noted on the front side by an asterisk (*****).  All fish will be weighed in while on board the boat and the tournament winners will be announced at that time.  Note: If you are also entered in the monthly contest and want your fish to qualify for the monthly contest, you must weigh in your fish at one of the club’s official weigh stations.


5- Tournament Days have NO ENTRY FEE.  Cash payouts are as follows 1st ($25), 2nd ($15), and 3rd ($10) for the seven species listed on front with an asterisk (*****).  NOTE: Tournament Day Bluefish MUST WEIGH a minimum of 2 lbs.


6- The largest fish of the year for the following seven species, WEAKFISH, BLUEFISH, STRIPED BASS, FLUKE, SEA BASS, BLACKFISH AND COD, winners will be presented with a replica of their winning fish mounted on a walnut base with customized bronze name plate plus $25 (cash) at our annual AWARDS BANQUET in acknowledgement of their achievement.  Note: You don’t have to be entered in the monthly fishing contest to be eligible for the largest fish of the year.


Weigh-in Station Procedures

 The official club weigh-in stations are: Capt’n Hippo, Creek Side Outfitters, Fish Bonz, Grizz’s Forked River Bait & Tackle, Grumpys & Lacey Marine.  When weighing in a fish, you must initial the weigh-in sheet, which verifies the information. All fish caught from Ports & Beaches in New Jersey Waters must be weighed in at one of the above stations.



Club Record

 A fish submitted for a club record may be taken from any location, there are no geographical limitations.  For fish caught out of state you must submit a weigh-in slip including species name, length and weight on letterhead, or business card or invoice from that station signed by the weigh master, tournament chairman, or Captain of the vessel.  A Club Record Form must be submitted to Ken Rylak and attached to the weigh-in slip from one of our official stations or other documentation as described above. The BOD shall approve all records before becoming official.  Here are the guidelines for all “Catch & Release” Club Record submissions.  Measurement formula for (ALL SPECIES) as follows:  Length X Girth squared divided by 800.   Example: Length 60” X  25”  Girth squared = 37,500  Divided  by 800  = 46.875 Lbs.  Please Note: LENGTH is measured from the tip of the lower jaw to the fork of the tail and GIRTH is measured (circumference) at the widest part of the fish, usually behind the gill plate.


One final note: Perhaps this rule has not been properly communicated in the past but you personally have to catch the fish you enter in all of these contests/tournaments and not enter a fish caught by someone else on your boat. This is an individual contest and besides we are all friends and family and we expect SPORTSMENSHIP.


               Thank you, Good Fishing and be Safe out there,    

                  Fish Hawks, Executive Board                                                     Rev.4-1-2016 KJR